Biocera A.H.A Jug Filter

Time To Change Your Filter. Do Not Ignore This Small Wonder!

Always be mindful to keep track of the lifespan of your Biocera A.H.A Jug Filter. In essence, if you do not change your filter regularly, you are reverting to drinking normal water with no benefits to your health. Always remember that the Biocera A.H.A Jug is a receptacle & the important component is the filter.

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The Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Jug Filter allows you to enjoy the simple pleasure of antioxidant hydrogen alkaline water inexpensively. With the use of natural bioceramics, Biocera has made the detoxifying effects of antioxidant hydrogen alkaline water affordable. So be always ready to take advantage of the health benefits of antioxidant hydrogen alkaline drinking water.

The Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Jug Filter avoids, the expensive and often wasteful electronic technology found in most electronic ionisers. Through natural ceramics it transforms your tap water; increasing its pH to between 9 and 9.5, as well as:

  • Removing many harmful contaminants including chlorine, benzene and a number of heavy metal compounds.
  • Releasing activated hydrogen into your water. This is to improve the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of your water, and also help to neutralize harmful oxygen free-radicals.
  • Altering the molecular structure of your water, making it more absorbable.

Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Jug Filter

Decreases the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) and makes antioxidant alkaline water, which tastes fresh and clean. Smaller water clusters increase the vitality and positive effect of water. Also, NMR-Analyses (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) show that normal tap water has a size of about 100 to 130 (Hz) H20 molecules. After passage through the Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Jug Filter, the size becomes 50 to 60 (Hz) H20 molecules

By drinking alkaline water with a beneficial Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP), you can help to nourish and hydrate your body on a cellular level, as well as:

  • The body's cells and aids in encouraging the proper detoxification of your tissues
  • Moving your body back towards optimum pH balance
  • Improving your energy levels
  • Enhancing your ability to metabolise a variety of important nutrients
  • Bolstering immune function throughout your body


  1. Coarse pre-filter: particulate pre-filter hindering visible particles to enter the filter bed.
  2. PP pre-filter, a fine polypropylene mesh preventing any smaller particles or sediment from entering into the filter media, thus clogging or covering the filter media.
  3. Activated carbon (or resin) filter bed: Activated carbon granules act like a magnet, attracting chlorine (taste and odor), as well as organic compounds suck as benzene (of the present in your water).
  4. Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Ceramic Balls:
  • Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins
  • Hydrogen(H2) to remove activated oxidant
  • Changes water into Alkaline water (pH)
  • Small water molecules are absorbs small water molecules more quickly
  • Dissolves bodily acidic wastes (Prevention of constipation)
  • Supplies minerals to help metabolism
Contents Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Jug Filter
Ingredients NSF, FDA & CE Certified Safety BIOCERA Ceramic Balls, Resin or Carbon
Made In Korea
Note Keep in a dry place below 30ºC. Protect from light & moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

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